Satay Tofu Skewers

peanut skewers 2This is the perfect summer recipe to go on a BBQ and these skewers are a healthier alternative to meat substitutes which can often be packed with salt, GMOs and fillers. So enjoy your weekend in the sunshine with this delicious light dinner recipe!

Makes 12 skewers.


For the skewer:

  • 280g (1 block tofu)
  • 1 red pepper
  • 6 large mushrooms
  • 12 tomatoes
  • 1 courgette

For the satay marinade:

  • 3 tbsp Nuoi Foods Chilli peanut
  • 4 tbsp almond milk (or another plant based milk)
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 2 tsp olive oil


  1. Cut the block of tofu into 12 thick squares
  2. Chop up the pepper and courgette into large chunks
  3. In a mixing bowl add the Chilli peanut butter, almond milk, soy sauce and oil and stir together until combined
  4. Cover (marinate) all of the vegetables and tofu in the satay sauce until well covered
  5. Slide the vegetables onto wooden skewers
  6. The skewer should have the following on each one: tomato, tofu, courgette, mushroom, pepper, tofu, tomato.
  7. Then wrap in foil and BBQ for around 20 minutes, turning every now and then
  8. Or you can bake them in the oven for half an hour (180 degrees fan) on a greaseproof lined baking tray

Enjoy your tasty dinner! We added a delicious lentil salad to our dish

Love Lauren & Sophie xx

Peanut skewers

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