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Satay Tofu Skewers

This is the perfect summer recipe to go on a BBQ and these skewers are a healthier alternative to meat substitutes which can often be packed with salt, GMOs and fillers. So enjoy your weekend in the sunshine with this delicious light dinner recipe! Makes 12 skewers. Ingredients: For the skewer: 280g (1 block tofu) […]

Protein Brownie Granola with Caramelised Banana & Hazelnut Cocoa nut butter

This protein granola is a seriously delicious treat for breakfast! It tastes just like chocolate brownie, with a delectable crunch, but the great thing is it’s healthy too! Paired with the caramelised banana and extra nut butter, it’s a match made in heaven. If you make this in bulk, it will be fantastic to enjoy […]